NCCC College Catalog 2024-2025 
    Jul 23, 2024  
NCCC College Catalog 2024-2025

NCCC Course List for General Education Standard and Systemwide Transfer Status

English   Gen Ed Code Systemwide Transfer   Social and Behavioral Sciences Gen Ed Code Systemwide Transfer
  ENGL 101 English Composition I  (SGE)010 Yes     PSYC 155 General Psychology (SGE)050 YES
  ENGL 289 English Composition II (SGE)010 Yes     PSYC 253 Human Sexuality (SGE)050 No
  ENGL 299 English Composition II - Honors (SGE)010 No     PSYC 263 Developmental Psychology (SGE)050 YES
              PSYC 274 Psychology of Adjustment (SGE)050 No
Communication         SOSC 220 Social Problems (SGE)050 YES
  COMM 207 Fundamentals of Speech (SGE)020 Yes     HIST 207 World Geography (SGE)050 YES
  COMM 213  Interpersonal Communication (SGE)020 Yes     SOSC 200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SGE)050 YES
              SOSC 230 International Relations (SGE)050 YES
Math and Statistics         SOSC 101 American Government (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 113 College Algebra (SGE)030 YES     SOSC 102 State and Local Government (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 122 Plane Trigonometry (SGE)030 YES     SOSC 100 Introduction to Sociology (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 133 Quantitative Reasoning (SGE)030 YES     SOSC 236  Marriage and the Family (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 143 Elementary Statistics (SGE)030 YES     ECON 200 Microeconomics (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 150 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (SGE)030 YES     ECON 201 Macroeconomics (SGE)050 YES
  MATH 155 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II (SGE)030 No            
  MATH 253 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III (SGE)030 No   Arts and Humanities    
  MATH 255 Differential Equations (SGE)030 No     ART 102 Art Appreciation (SGE)060 YES
              ART 288 Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval (SGE)060 YES
Natural and Physical Sciences         ART 289 Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 111 General Biology (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 113 General Literature (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 112 General Biology Lab (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 220 American Literature (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 115 Environmental Life Science (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 221 Introduction to Western Literature (SGE)060 No
  BIOL 116 Environmental Life Science Lab (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 230 American Literature II (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 251 Biology I (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 240 English Literature (SGE)060 No
  BIOL 252 Biology I Lab (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 260 Short Fiction (SGE)060 No
  BIOL 255 Biology II (SGE)040 YES     HIST 200 Recent American History (SGE)060 No
  BIOL 256 Biology II Lab (SGE)040 YES     HIST 201 United States History I (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 257 Human Anatomy & Physiology (SGE)040 YES     HIST 202 United States History II (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 258 Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab (SGE)040 YES     COMM 105 Theatre Appreciation (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 271 Microbiology (SGE)040 YES     MUSI 120 Music Appreciation (SGE)060 YES
  BIOL 272 Microbiology Lab (SGE)040 YES     MUSI 123 Music in America (SGE)060 No
  CHEM 105 Introduction to Chemistry (SGE)040 YES     ENGL 215 Introduction to Mythology (SGE)060 No
  CHEM 106 Introduction to Chemistry Lab (SGE)040 YES     HIST 101 World Civilization I (SGE)060 YES
  CHEM 215 College Chemistry I (SGE)040 YES     HIST 102 World Civilization II (SGE)060 YES
  CHEM 216 College Chemistry I Lab (SGE)040 YES     HUM 102 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking (SGE)060 YES
  CHEM 225 College Chemistry II (SGE)040 YES     HUM 103 Introduction to Philosophy (SGE)060 YES
  CHEM 226 College Chemistry II Lab (SGE)040 YES     HUM 104 Ethics (SGE)060 YES
  PHYS 100 Introduction to College Physics I    (SGE)040 YES     HUM 133 World Religions (SGE)060 YES
  PHYS 130 Introduction to College Physics I Lab (SGE)040 YES     HUM 204 Western Civilization I (SGE)060 No
  PHYS 101 Introduction to College Physics II (SGE)040 YES     HUM 205 Western Civilization II (SGE)060 No
  PHYS 135 Introduction to College Physics II Lab (SGE)040 YES     HUM 206 Eastern Civilization (SGE)060 No
  PHYS 102 Astronomy (SGE)040 YES     FLAN 154 Elementary Spanish I (SGE)060 No
  PHYS 103 Astronomy Lab (SGE)040 YES     FLAN 155 Elementary Spanish II (SGE)060 No
  PHYS 104 Engineering Physics I (SGE)040 YES            
  PHYS 140 Engineering Physics I Lab (SGE)040 YES   Institutionally Designated     
  PHYS 105 Engineering Physics II (SGE)040 YES     CURR 100 First Year Seminar (SGE)070 No
  PHYS 145 Engineering Physics II Lab (SGE)040 YES     CSIS 100 Computer Concepts and Applications (SGE)070 YES
  PHYS 171 Physical Science (SGE)040 YES     Any course not already taken from the discipline areas listed above. (SGE)070 Varied
  PHYS 172 Physical Science Lab (SGE)040 YES