NCCC College Catalog 2023-2024 
    Jun 15, 2024  
NCCC College Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Paralegal, AAS

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This program prepares students for a successful career as a paralegal. Paralegals perform delegated legal work such as drafting documents, conducting legal research, interviewing and investigating and assisting attorney with a variety of tasks. According to the Kansas Occupational Projections, the average paralegal salary in 2022 was $48,190 and the 2020-2030 projections estimate a 12% growth in the paralegal field.

NCCC offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal. Upon obtaining the Degree students will be eligible to apply for one of two national examinations. Those examinations are:
1. National Association of Legal Assistnats, Inc. exam to become a Certified Paralegal (CP)
2. NALS, the association for legal professionals exam to become a Professional Paralegal (PP) or Accredited Legal Professional (AL) or a Certified Legal Professional (CLP)

Program Pathway Sequence

Certificate pathway students must successfully complete (2.0 or better) all courses identified with an “+”.

For More Information, Contact: Melissa Dugan 620-432-0452 or Advising Staff, 620-432-0311 if program advisor is unavailable.

Recommended Sequence of Courses and Modality (All paralegal courses can be offered in any semester in different delivery methods to meet student needs)
Paralegal courses are offered in an online format or a virtual hybrid format. The virtual hybrid format allows a student to choose whether they attend the class in person, attend the class via zoom, or watch the recorded lecture at their convenience. Paralegal courses are offered as an 8 week course or a full semester course.

Below is the recommended sequence for completion of the paralegal program. However, due to the different delivery methods offered any paralegal class can be taken any semester to each individual student’s needs.

Paralegal AAS Prerequisites Requirements Semester I
CURR 100 First Year Seminar 1 cr hrs  (SGE)070 (if < 15 transfer credits) ENGL 289 English Composition II 3 cr hrs   (SGE)010
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3 cr hrs   (SGE)010 SOSC 100 Introduction To Sociology 3 cr hrs   (SGE)050
CSIS 100 Computer Concepts & Applications 3 cr hrs   (SGE)070 PLGL 105 Paralegal: Civil Procedure I 3 cr hrs  +
COMM 207 Fundamentals Of Speech 3 cr hrs   (SGE)020 PLGL 110 Paralegal: Civil Procedure II 3 cr hrs  +
SOSC 101 American Government 3 cr hrs   (SGE)050 PLGL 115 Paralegal: Contracts 3 cr hrs  +
PLGL 100 The Paralegal in the Legal System 3 cr hrs  +  
Total Credit Hours: 16 Total Credit Hours: 15
*Apply for Program Acceptance*Paralegal Program Admission Information   


Semester II Semester III
PSYC 155 General Psychology 3 cr hrs   (SGE)050 PLGL 212 Paralegal Interviewing and Investigation 3 cr hrs  +
PLGL 120 Paralegal: Real Property Law 3 cr hrs  PLGL 215 Paralegal: Criminal Law 3 cr hrs  +
PLGL 125 Paralegal: Legal Research & Writing 3 cr hrs  + PLGL 220 Paralegal: Wills, Estates, & Trusts 3 cr hrs 
PLGL 130 PA: Adv Legal Research & Writing 3 cr hrs   + PLGL 230 Paralegal: Business Organizations 3 cr hrs 
PLGL 135 Paralegal: Family Law 3 cr hrs  + PLGL 250 Paralegal: Internship 3 cr hrs  +
Total Credit Hours: 15 Total Credit Hours: 15
Total Program Path Credits for Associate of Applied Science Degree: 61

General Education Courses

The Paralegal AAS degree program requires students to take English Composition I and II, Computer Concepts and Applications, American Government, General Psychology, Introduction to Sociology and Fundamentals of Speech. New students who have not already completed 15 credit hours or a similar course at another institution and desire to obtain a degree are required to take First Year Seminar.

Program Outcomes

  1. +Describe an overview of the legal system, the role of the paralegal, and other participants in the legal system.
  2. +Understand and employ ethical responsibilities of the paralegal.
  3. +Demonstrate effective and persuasive written legal communication skills.
  4. +Employ effective legal research skills including traditional methods and technology-supported research.
  5. +Exhibit effective legal analysis skills.
  6. +Apply critical thinking skills in paralegal work assignments.
  7. +Prepare accurate legal documents including memoranda, motions, pleadings, and other related court documents.
  8. +Differentiate between authorized and unauthorized practices of law.
  9. +Understand contract concepts and accurately draft a variety of contract documents.
  10. Prepare and complete real estate transactions.
  11. +Demonstrate appropriate interviewing and investigating skills.
  12. +Demonstrate employability skills.
  13. +Describe the substantive and procedural principles of family law.
  14. +Describe the substantive and procedural principles of civil law.
  15. +Describe the substantive and procedural principles of criminal law.
  16. Describe the formation, operation, and dissolution of multiple business organizations and prepare and complete a variety of documents relating thereto.
  17. Analyze labor and employment law and identify basic federal and state laws, requirements and resources.
  18. Draft wills, estates, and trusts.

Program outcomes identified with “+” apply to degree and certificate programs. Unmarked outcomes apply to the AAS degree only.

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