NCCC College Catalog 2022-2023 
    Apr 12, 2024  
NCCC College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, AS

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The Associate of Science with an emphasis in Sociology at NCCC is designed to prepare students for a transfer to a four-year institution. General sociology provides a desirable background, as either a sole or combined major, for further professional training in law, city planning, public administration, hospital administration, and medicine, as well as for advanced graduate work in sociology or other social sciences. It also prepares students for a wide variety of careers that involve problem-solving and gathering, organizing and analyzing information (i.e., data). Such careers may involve jobs ranging from sales and management to community services and government work.


The student will need to demonstrate proficiencies in reading, English, and mathematics based on the Mandatory Placement Policy, or by taking the recommended/ required classes. Some of the courses in this curriculum have specific prerequisites.

General Education (GE) Courses

In order to graduate with a college degree, all students are required to take certain general education courses. These include English composition, speech, wellness, science, art and humanities, mathematics, computer systems, and social and behavioral science.

Program Core Courses

SOSC 100 - Introduction To Sociology , SOSC 220 - Social Problems , SOSC 236 - Marriage And The Family .

Program Elective Courses

HIST 201 - United States History I (to 1877) , HUM 204 - Western Civilization I , SOSC 101 - American Government , HUM 110 - Humanities I , MATH 143 - Elementary Statistics , HUM 103 - Introduction to Philosophy , and SOSC 200 - Intro To Cultural Anthropology .

Program Outcomes

  1. Identify major theoretical perspectives or paradigms that make up sociology and distinguish among them.
  2. Identify major research steps used by social scientists.
  3. Identify major elements of culture.
  4. The student will become acquainted with deviance and society’s efforts to control deviant behavior.
  5. Explain prejudice and discrimination.
  6. Analyze major social institutions and their significance.
  7. Define the importance of collective behavior.
  8. Analyze the importance and dimensions of social change.

Course Sequence

The listing that follows is a recommended sequence of courses for full-time students. The student should consult with an advisor for information specific to their academic situation.

For More Information Contact:

Program advisor
Sociology Instructor: Anne Marie Foley 620-432-0495

Sociology AS Requirements

Total Credit Hours: 16

(Spring) Semester II

Total Credit Hours: 17

(Fall) Semester III

Total Credit Hours: 15

(Spring) Semester IV

Total Credit Hours: 16-18

Total Program Credits for AS Degree: 64-66

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